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I just finished my 4th day of the meditation challenge. These meditations are so amazing. I love how deepak has a lesson or a subject that he wants us to think about, then gives us silence and after asks us questions. You wont believe how smart I am realizing I really am. All these thoughts and emotions stuck inside of this body. And all this time all I had to do was meditate on them and they would come out?! I mean as im answering the questions, the words, sentences and thoughts just flow out of me. Things that I would never come to realize about myself. Its like my inner concious is speaking to me and telling me what has been really going on. I love it and am having an AHA orgasm lol. 

This my friends feels beautiful.


Jan 3

So I have been doing meditation hardcore lately. Its so damn relaxing and somehow it brings me back to zero. There is just complete silence which kind of reminds me how chaotic and noisy my life is. So just sitting there and zoning in on myself is so freeing. Its kind of the only thing close to a vacation that I can get right now.